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Right Now Firearms News Today!

Latest Firearms News Today. Up to the minute late breaking Gun News Feeds covering 2nd Amendment (2A), new 2018, concealed carry, state and federal laws. Guns saving lives. Ar-15 M4 rifles, magazine capacity ban, school shootings, pistols, revolvers, police. The place for best firearms news right now today!
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Concealed carry weapons (ccw) in caliber 22 WMR 22LR 32 380 ACP pistols 9mm 40 S&W 45 ACP 10mm 38 Special 357 Mag 44 Special and 44 Magnum revolvers. Top brands: Beretta Bersa CZ Cobra Charter Arms Diamondback FN FNH Glock Grand Power HK Sig Smith and Wesson Remington Ruger EAA Witness Canik Sig Sauer Springfield Walther covering 2nd Amandment (2A), new 2018 weapons Today, concealed carry, change state law and federal laws. Guns saving lives. Home defense.

Semi-automatic rifles or as the media calls them assualt rifles: AR15 M4 223 Remington 5.56 NATO, AK47 7.62x39 308 caliber 300 AA Blackout Ruger Mini 14 Best Popular Brands Today: Armalite Aero Precision ATI Bushmaster Core-15 Del-Ton Eagle Stag Arms Windhan Savage PSA Olympic DPMS Ruger CMMG and DSA. City and state second amendment laws. Ar-15 M4 rifles ban, magazine capacity ban.

U.S. states covered for the latest gun news Today: Nebraska Nevada Tenneessee New Hampshire Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Alaska Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington DC West Virginia New York North Carolina Alabama California New Jersey New Mexico Delaware Florida USA Georgia Indiana Colorado Minnesota North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Mississippi Missouri Montana Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Arizona Hawaii Idaho Illinois Wisconsin Wyoming Arkansas Connecticut Maine Maryland Massachusetts and Michigan.

Most popular police LE carry duty pistols: Glock 19 and 17, Smith and Wesson M&P M2.0, Beretta PX4 and 92. Walther PPQ, Ruger SR9, Sig P320, HK VP9, Springfield XDm XD, FN 509 and FNS, Colt 1911 45, CZ P10-C, and Kimber 1911-A1 school shootings, self defense, pistols, revolvers, robbery, police law enforcement. I don't leave home without packing some sort of firearm.